Our mission is to create a global bounty network

Bounty0x is a global decentralized bounty management platform and marketplace.
  • Private launch of BNTY Sheriff staking
  • Support of NEO blockchain
  • Public launch of BNTY Sheriff staking
  • Launch of BNTY Hunter staking
  • Bounty0x Beta redesign
  • Third-party integration including Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn
  • Launch of final Bounty0x web-app
  • Host BNTY upgrade and redesign implementation
  • Payment channel implementations for quicker and cheaper micro-transactions
  • Bounty0x Reward Engine first external site integration
  • API restructuring entire stack to be more decentralised
  • Bounty0x Reward Engine finalisation
  • Work with MenloOne team to move new API with more decentralisation onto the blockchain
  • Beta testing of revamped Bounty0x decentralised engine
  • Launch of Bounty0x iOS app
  • Launch of Bounty0x Android app
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Meet the Founders
Angelo Adam
Angelo Adam CEO Operation Attorney. District0x Community Manager, WeTrust Freelancer. Crowdfunded ethereum. Member of the Digital Ledger Defense Coalition. Equities Trader at a Hedge Fund.
Pascal Thellmann
Pascal Thellmann CMO Sales, Marketing and PR PR and Marketing in the crypto world. Contributor at CoinTelegraph. Copywriter. Previously co-founded a successful​​ German​​ e-commerce​​ site.
Deniz Dalkilic
Deniz Dalkilic CTO Lead Developer Software Engineer Thomson Reuters. Working in Applied Innovation team on Blockchain/Ethereum projects. In particular concentrating on public Blockchains and DApp development via extensive use of JavaScript and Smart Contracts.

Our team is made up of experiences developers, entrepreneurs and marketers

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell Full Stack Developer
Saburo Suzuki
Saburo Suzuki Full Stack Developer
Simon Kruse
Simon Kruse Community Manager
Alex Yalunin
Alex Yalunin Solidity Developer
Thomas Campbell
Youcef Halimaoui Sales Representative
Bryant Holland
Bryant Holland Distribution Manager
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Campaign Manager
Uwe Thellmann
Uwe Thellmann
Cathy Tao
Cathy Tao
Sean Hoge
Sean Hoge
Yuan Li
Yuan Li
Ben Chan
Ben Chan
George Li
George Li
Dan Bainbridge
Dan Bainbridge
Preferred Partners
Bounty0x is working with a number of strategic partners to advance the vision of a future with a decentralized workforce. If you are an agency contact us to discuss further.
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