Bounty0x Token

Bounty0x Token

BNTY Token is a ERC-20 token that powers the Bounty0x Network BNTY is used by hosts, hunters, sheriffs, and with the BNTY Protocol can be used by any app

What is BNTY used for?

Bounty0x is the easiest and safest way for your business to hold a bounty campaign and hire bounty hunters to complete tasks.


In Q4 2018, Bounty Hosts will be able to stake BNTY to purchase featured listings on the Bounty0x platform. Bounties featured on Bounty0x receive up to 1,000% more impressions.


In Q4 2018, Bounty Hunters will be able to stake BNTY to reduce platform fees, multiply rewards, and appeal rejected submissions.


Bounty Sheriffs stake BNTY to review submissions made by Bounty Hunters. Sheriffs lose BNTY when making an incorrect review, and earn crytocurrency when making a correct review.


In Q1 2019, Bounty Hunters will be able to stake BNTY to automatically open disputes if their submission was sheriffed incorrectly.


The Bounty0x Protocol will be used as an external reward engine to allow third parties to plugin to our smart contracts and use BNTY as a reward for actions on their respective platforms.


In Q1 2019, Bounty0x Hunters will be able to spend their Bounty0x tokens to buy Early Access tickets to participate in bounties and earn bonuses.

Treasure Chest

Top Hunters earn rewards depending on their activity in our weekly giveaways.

Coming Soon

We have new use cases in development. Come back soon

Send us your new token functionality idea to [email protected] with the subject "New BNTY utility".

Where to buy BNTY