Bounty0x Token

Bounty0x Token

BNTY Token is a ERC-20 token that powers the Bounty0x Network BNTY is used by hosts, hunters, sheriffs, and with the BNTY Protocol can be used by any app
0 Bounties
0 Submissions
$0 Rewarded
0 BNTY Staked by Hunters
0 BNTY Staked by Sheriffs
0 BNTY Tipped on Publish0x

What is BNTY used for?

BNTY is the standard for online rewards and micro-tasks, an industry with 500+ Million participants.


Bounty Hunters stake BNTY to reduce platform fees and appeal rejected submissions.


Bounty Sheriffs stake BNTY to review Bounty Hunter submissions.


Readers on Publish0x tip BNTY to articles they've enjoyed reading.

Coming Soon

We have new use cases in development. Come back soon.

Send us your new token functionality idea to [email protected] with the subject "New BNTY utility".

  • Tipping functionality on Publish0x
  • Launch of BNTY Hunter staking
  • Launch of BNTY Sheriff staking
  • Teaser of third BNTY platform  🔥
  • Move Bounty0x platform out of Beta
  • Staking functionality on Publish0x
  • Beta launch of third BNTY platform  🔥
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