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Frequently Asked Questions
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Which plan should I choose?
Bounty0x has segmented pricing plans from professionals to enterprise with each plan fine tuned for its target customers. Choose a plan best suited for your business size for better features and value.
Is there a free trial available?
Bounty0x offers a free Basic plan for posting bounties. The basic plan has certain restrictions and limitations, but still provides enough features to use the platform.
Which tokens can I use to pay bounty hunters?
Currently non-security, utility tokens are supported. In the future we plan to add support for security tokens. We offer distribution in Erc-20, Stellar, EOS, and Waves blockchains. We will soon be adding support for Tron, NEO and other blockchains.
Do you offer any advertising, or custom pricing plans?
Take a look at our Advertise section for details on advertising plans, or contact us to discuss further.
How are tokens distributed?
At the end of the bounty campaign we will send you instructions explaining how to deposit and distribute tokens upon completion of the bounty campaign.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can purchase Bounty0x premium plans with any Coinbase supported currency (ETH, LTC, BTC and others, or also with any major credit card or bank transfer.
Bounty0x Alliance Network
Premium Hosts unlock the bounty alliance network and access discounts, free listings on exchanges, and perks with crypto friendly service providers
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