Earning Crypto Made Simple

Earning Crypto Made Simple

Bounty0x is a cryptocurrency bounty hunting platform. Earn cryptocurrency and tokens by completing simple marketing, software development, and creative tasks.

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Launch your bounty campaign today

Bounty0x is the easiest and safest way for your business to hold cryptocurrency bounties and hire bounty hunters to complete tasks.

Launch your bounty campaign today
Automated Review

Bounty0x Sheriffs review thousands of submissions, saving you time


Activate KYC and Verify the identity of all Bounty participants with Civic or Onfido

Multi Blockchain

Support for distributing bounty rewards in Erc-20, EOS, Stellar, NEO and Waves tokens. More blockchains coming soon

Tiered Rewards

High quality work is rewarded more with our tier based reward categorization system

Track your bounties

Bounty0x lets hosts view all their bounty submissions which have been submitted by bounty hunters

Easily distribute rewards

Send rewards to all bounty participants with the click of a button

Large exposure

On Bounty0x, your bounty will be visible to tens of thousands of cryptocurrency bounty hunters

Token Agnostic

Pay Hunters with any token on more than six different blockchains.
We currently support bounty payments with utility tokens and will soon be adding security tokens.

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Bounty Categories
Content Creation
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Programming and Software
Video and Animation
Earning crypto made simple
Integrations Widgets Earn Safe Simple Dashboard

Link your Bounty0x account with third party applications to easily complete bounties on other platforms and track everything in one place.


Easily complete bounties with one click with our embedded widgets which can be embedded in any website.


Bounty hunters can earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks.


We take security seriously, and have built a reputation of being the most trusted in the space.


Simply link your Telegram, Reddit or Twitter account and automatically submit your work and receive payment.


Each hunter has a dashboard with all relevant statistics about their completed bounties, earnings, and ranking.

Grow your business

Here are some great bounty ideas to get started

Benefits of Bounties

How to use bounties to build and scale your business

Leverage the Crowd

By leveraging the crowd, you can source large quantities of content with fast turnaround time, while maintaining high level of quality.

Pay in Crypto

Bounty0x is a token agnostic platform, that means you can pay bounty hunters with any cryptocurrency.

Secure and Safe to use

Vet all bounty hunters, perform KYC, and geo source talent. Our hunters have a track record of success. Your payment is safe and secure.

Influencers and Talent

Take your message global by gaining access to over 50k+ social media influencers to spread your message.


Receive high quality work product, from a large pool of highly skilled experts based on your goals and deadlines.

Custom Solutions

Create unique bounties which fit your companies specific requirements.

BNTY Token
BNTY Token
BNTY powers the Bounty0x Network. Learn more about how it works Learn More
Get started in minutes
Bounty Hunter Bounty Host Bounty Sheriff
Browse Bounties

Choose a bounty that you want to complete from among the hundreds of bounties posts

Complete Work

Do the work as described in the bounty and submit it for review.

Earn Cryptocurrency

Your work will be reviewed and if approved your payment will be released and sent to you.

Create an account

Sign up as a bounty host, it is free to create an account and free to post a bounty.

Post a bounty

Choose from a variety of bounty categories and formats including competitions, freelancing, and crowd sourcing bounties. Select how much reward you are offering and the cryptocurrency type. Fund your bounty now or later

Bounty completed

Receive completed work from thousands of bounty hunters worldwide. Distribute the reward automatically to thousands of participants with one click using our state channel implementation to reduce distribution costs.

Stake BNTY

Register as a Sheriff and stake BNTY tokens to activate reviewing

Review Submissions

Review all the bounty submissions that have been assigned to you, and either approve or reject them

Earn a fee

After you review a submission, you will earn a fee if you review it currently. Otherwise you will lose your stake

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